July-Gardens-Embleys-NurseriesSummer is a time to relax and enjoy your garden and by now you should have all the garden furniture out, the barbecue will be ready for those spontaneous meals and your hanging baskets will be blooming with voluptuous colour. However, all this distraction can lead to consequences if various aspects of your garden care is neglected over these hot summer months. We have put together a quick guide to some essential tasks that need to be done this month.

As the temperature has already began to soar towards the end of June it is essential to ensure regular watering of those border, hanging baskets, planted containers and other trees and vegetables. Watering should take place at least once a day and more if the temperature really hots up. Applying the water to the based of the roots, ensure that watering takes place at the cooler times of the day such as very early morning or late evening to prevent scorching of the flowers.

For those of you conscious of water usage, there are various ways to recycle the water that is already available such as collecting water from the roof of your house, garage, shed and greenhouse into water-butts (this will be warmer and will cause less of a shock to plant roots than mains water) and using waste water from preparing vegetables and washing up (ensure that this does not contain harsh chemical products) as well.

Although it may feel wrong to do, cutting back plants in baskets and containers, followed by feeding can encourage new growth and help revive tired displays. Cutting back delphiniums and geraniums after the first flowers will also encourage second flowers. Flowered borders should also be deadheaded regularly to prolong the flowering period including dahlias. Pruning out the stems of shrubs that have already will keep your plants at a manageable size and will guarantee an explosion of flowers the next year.

Spray Roses with high quality pest control products for the prevention or irradication of greenfly, mildew and blackspot. Vine weevil can also begin to a problem this time of year so ensure that you check you pots and containers both indoors and out. Our knowledgeable staff with provide you with all the specialist guidance requirement to ensure that you are using the correct products.

July is the ideal time to tidy up and prune your hedges such as Leylandii to ensure that you keep them under control. However, ensure that you water them straight away to prevent damage to newly cut branches. Watering of hedges is often neglected.

From harvesting to taking cuttings, there’s lots to do in your vegetable garden this month. A variety of summer vegetables can be harvested during July such as lettuce, spring onions, young turnips, summer carrots and early potatoes should all be ready to be gathered in and eaten. The best way to keep greenhouse plants healthy and disease-free is to keep your greenhouse ventilated. Let fresh air into your greenhouse by opening doors and vents as often as possible. If you’re going on holiday, consider asking a friend or neighbour to drop by and do this for you.

Above all now is the time to relax and enjoy the results of all of the work that has gone into producing your beautiful garden. Sit outside with a coll drink but it’s never too early to start planning the next seasons activity. Think about what bulbs you would like for next spring or make a note of the pro’s and cons at this time of year and what changes need to be made for next year?