Add form, beauty and artistic touches with Ornamental Trees

From Abies, Acacia and Acer through to Wisteria and Zelkova, we stock a huge variety of ornamental trees for all kinds of situations and locations

As a stockist of Frank P Matthews “Trees for Life”, Embleys Nurseries follows their simple yet effective advice for the care and pruning of ornamental trees.

You will see a range of symbols specified in the care instructions attached to each tree which will provide you with pruning advice.

If you are unsure about what trees would suit your needs, we’re happy to offer advice regarding the ongoing care of your product to ensure that you enjoy your tree for years to come.


We can supply an extensive range of ornamental trees including – Acacia, Acer, Betula, Cedrus, Diospyros, Eucalyptus, Magnolia, Photinia, Trachycarpus, Ulmus… and many, many more.

Looking for an unusual ornamental tree to make your garden stand out?  We probably stock it…

Ask us and we’ll be happy to help!

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