Gardens-in-January-Embleys-NurseriesEven in January there are plenty of jobs that can be done in your garden.

Apple and pear trees are dormant at this time so it is a great time to do some pruning and thinning out. Remove dead, damaged or diseased wood and thin out branches that are twisted and rubbing against others. This will increase air flow and light through your tress. Also cut back new growth to three or four buds.

It’s now also a good time to spray trees to control insect eggs which may have been on your trees over winter.

January is a good time to prune most shrubs and deciduous trees, but not spring flowering plants as you could cut away their spring flowers.

Borders also need some attention at this time of year. Clear all debris and put down mulch. Compost, leaf mould, or well rotted manure are all fine for this job. Just spread a layer of about two inches thick over your borders and you’ll put nutrients back into your soil and protect plant roots. Perennials can also be cut down to ground level.

There are many plants that can safely be planted out at this time. Conifers, roses, azaleas and many shrubs can go out at this time. The soil still retains some warmth and that means good root growth. This could be an ideal time to plant a new hedge. Check with us if you are in any doubt about what you can plant out at this time of year.

Obviously frost and wind are still issues at this time and vulnerable plants should be protected to avoid damage.

If you are thinking of sowing seeds later this month and into February now is the time to come and see us for all your requirements. Now is the time for planting window boxes and containers to ensure the colour later in the year.

It’s getting late for bulbs. If you haven’t planted your daffodils, crocus or tulips yet this is your last chance.

Finally, don’t forget the birds in your garden. Put out food for them especially if we get frosts.