Winter is a perfect time for enjoying a wide variety of wildlife and birds coming into your garden seeking sanctuary from the harshness of the environment. By providing adequate wildlife and bird care in terms of a safe protected area and food on a regular basis, you can also benefit from watching these fabulous species take advantage of this safe haven.

At Embleys Nurseries, we stock a wide range of high quality products such as Unwins and Tom Chambers , Seeds, Bird Care, Bird Tables and Bird Baths to provide these beautiful birds with adequate protection throughout the cold months. Supplying a regular source of high-energy food on a bird table or station will be something that will gain the trust of the wild birds and ensure that they return safety and survive the winter months.

Ensure that your feeders are kept well stocked on a daily basis along with a fresh supply of water as drinking and bathing is an essential part of the daily routine of birds. For more information regarding Bird Care, we recommend that you visit the RSPB Website to ensure that you are purchasing the appropriate product.

Bird Food, Bird Feeders and Bird Tables 

In addition to the natural food that many gardens will provide, more and more people are supplying birds with supplementary food such as Classic Bird Seed, Sunflower Seeds, Nyjer Seeds, Peanuts and Fat Balls, Mealworms and more all available in store. 

We stock a wide range of Bird Food appropriate for a wide range of species providing all round Bird Care throughout the cold months suitable for any budget. 

There are also many different styles of bird feeders available suitable for hanging from existing structures or trees available within your garden or patio area. We supply different feeders sutable for a variety of different seeds. We also sell a range of squirrel resistant feeders. 

If you havent got anywhere to hang your bird feeders we have a range of Bird Stations that can be placed in the ground, alternatively there are bases can be placed on a patio or decking. 

We have a large variety of Bird Tables available that come in different styles and sizes.  When providing food on bird tables please ensure that food is replaced regularly and not left to gather mould, as this can then be harmful to the birds.

Wildlife Houses and Nests

We provide a range of Bird Houses and Nests: most of the Bird Nests we provide can be mounted onto existing structures within your garden area and should be purchased in accordance with the type and size of birds that you wish to attract.

We even have house for other wildlife such as hedgehogs and lady birds or other insects. 


We now stock a range of Mr Fothergill’s Seed mix collections endorsed by the RHS. These collections are specially selected to attarct wildlife known to be beneficial to the garden and are perfectly suited seeds to growing in UK gardens. With many varieties native to this country, they’re easy and reliable to grow and reward minimal effort with absolutely beautiful results.

There are six collections to choose from:

Flowers for Bees (Specially designed by experts to provide a wealth of reliable, nectar and pollen rich blooms, to attract and benefit a wide variety of useful, pollinating bees. Creating a colourful display which is easy to grow and flowers over a long period.)

Flowers for Insects (Beautiful, nectar and pollen rich blooms known to attract a wide variety of pollinators and useful predatory insects. This special blend of flowers creates a colourful and beneficial display which is easy to grow and blooms over a long period.)

Flowers for Birds (A special mixture created by experts to provide an attractive and useful resource for birds, with annual flowers and grasses providing nutritious seed heads over a long season. Easy to grow and full of colour. It also makes and ideal filler for any gaps in the border.)

Flowers for Wildlife – Bright Mix (An easy to grow and extremely rewarding mixture. Creates an eye-catching display of nectar and pollen rich flowers in a wide range of colours and shades. Flowers over a long period to attract and provide maximum benefit to a wide variety of visiting wildlife.)

Flowers for Wildlife – Cool Mix (A carefully designed mixture to create a stylish display in colour coordinated, cool and serene shades. Produces blue and white, nectar and pollen rich flowers over a long period, to provide maximum benefit to a wide variety of visiting wildlife.)

Cottage Garden Mix (A carefully blended mixture of traditional cottage garden favourites. Created to provide a beautiful display of colour throughout the summer months. Contains flowers that are great for cutting and will provide a food source for birds and beneficial insects.)