primroses-preston-southport-lancashireBy February spring is just around the corner and there are the first signs of new growth but there’s more cold weather likely yet.

Now is the  time to be thinking about early spring colour. We have a great selection of Primroses which can be planted now to ensure a colourful display – see our current offer on all varieties.

Fruit trees can still be pruned this month and they will benefit greatly from increased airflow if you thin them out now. Take any hardwood cuttings you require from fruit trees and shrubs. Any Raspberry canes should be pruned to a height of six inches.

Roses can be planted this month. Plant them deeply with plenty of organic matter. Check with us for details of our wide range of roses for all locations.

Bedding plants need to be in greenhouse at the moment to be ready to go out in the spring.

This is the time to start buying seed potatoes, particularly early varieties. They need to be spread out end-up in a light, cool place to sprout.

If the weather is dry and breezy lawns can be lightly scarified but rake up fallen leaves at the very least.

Continue to feed the birds in your garden as this is often the hardest time of the year for them with little food left elsewhere.