August-Gardens-Embleys-NurseriesAugust is a month to enjoy the fruits of your labours  in the garden. There is always tidying up work to be done but this is a time to relax in the garden.

Fruit trees may need a little attention.

Keep dead heading plants to encourage new flowers. Still time for the last of the summer flowering perennials – check our our special offers

Water hanging baskets and patio tubs every day if the weather is very hot or every other day if the temperature is lower.

Keep main crop potatoes well earthed up and watered and some winter crops such as winter spinach can be sown now.

New strawberry plants can also be planted out this month.

Lawns suffer in hot, dry weather but grass will generally recover. Don’t cut too low as taller grass helps to cool the roots and keep moisture in the soil.

Always water thoughtfully and economically at all times.